About Spinifex Power and Test

It’s important that installations are done by fully licensed and qualified electrical contractors. Incorrect installation can cause a range of issues for homeowners, from minor power interruptions through to serious safety risks. Spinifex Power and Test can install a range of electrical equipment, including:

We are also able to work with your energy provider and install new wiring for your Tariff changeover.

Safety is paramount and we recommend that all appliances and fittings be installed by one of our fully trained and licensed electricians so you can rest assured that your electrical systems meet the highest safety standards. When installing new equipment we can also provide information on any safety issues that we may see during the process of installing new items into your current system.

As per recent legislation changes, smoke alarms are now required in every bedroom and living area in a home. Most importantly too, they must be interconnected. Smoke alarms are legally required to be changed every ten years. If you need help replacing your smoke alarm or would like more information on keeping your home safe, give Spinifex Power and Test a call.