About Spinifex Power and Test

Spinifex Power and Test can diagnose and repair electrical issues.

We recommend that you call sooner rather than later when you experience an issue, to maintain optimal safety when using your appliances and to prevent ongoing damage or inflated electricity costs.

You should never attempt electrical repairs yourself, and always utilise a fully licensed electrician to carry out maintenance and repairs.

Electrical Repairs

Some of the common household repairs we do include:

When an appliance or electrical fitting is damaged, live wires can be exposed, leading to high risk of electrical shock or fire. If any wires, appliances or sockets are damaged, it’s important to seek professional advice to have the problem repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Electrical Maintenance

Regular maintenance of equipment and electrical appliances ensures you both save money on electricity costs and maintain the highest levels of safety. We recommend you have regular safety inspections including test & tag and smoke alarm checks so issues can be identified early before they become a serious issue.