Smoke Alarms

As per the recent Queensland Government legislation requirements, smoke alarms are now mandatory in every bedroom, living area and escape path in your home. The alarms are to be interconnected and either hard-wired or powered by a 10-year lithium battery.

These new smoke alarm requirements are created with home safety in mind. To learn more about this legislation, visit QLD Fire & Emergency Services – Smoke Alarms.

Recent state legislation also mandates that from the 1 January 2017, photoelectric smoke alarms are to be used for every upgrade or new installation. As photoelectric smoke detectors respond faster to the early stages of a fire, they are deemed the best for Australian homes and overall electrical safety.

Smoke alarms are also legally required to be upgraded every ten years.

If you need help replacing or installing smoke alarms or would like more information on smoke alarm maintenance and keeping your home safe from fire, give Spinifex Power and Test a call. We use only respected and quality brands of equipment such as Brooks smoke alarms to provide peace of mind for your home and family.